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First, a bit about you.

  • You’re a student, most likely, but at very least you’re a young adult just trying to figure out the world.
  • You feel a little lost, a little overwhelmed, a little like life is throwing too much at you to cope with.
  • You need someone to help you organize your student life, your home, and your budget.
  • You have goals – no, better than that, you have dreams, big ones – you just need to figure out how to get there. 
  • You need someone to simplify this huge, complicated thing called life.

That’s where I come in.

Michelle of Dreaming Big Living Simple with her cat, Hunter

Hi, I’m Michelle!

I’m an introvert, college student, cat/dog mom, and dreamer fueled by mostly coffee and a little bit of laughter. 

My background is in childhood development and education, but I make my living in the auto insurance industry because I love being able to help people. Mostly, however, I work with people. I talk to them, identify a problem, and find a solution. That’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. It’s what I’m here to do for you.

I love coffee (hello, Starbucks addiction), my Thursday evening yoga class, and rainy days curled up on the couch watching Criminal Minds. I’m into interior design, if you consider playing The Sims and pinning home decor on Pinterest as the pinnacle of interior design. I’m an artist, proud female entrepreneur, native Texan, and equine enthusiast (I’m pretty sure those last two go hand in hand). I love to cook and especially to bake, with my specialty lying in recipes that are simple and delicious. And all my best photos are the ones taken with my cat, Hunter.

My cat, Hunter

This is Hunter!

I started Dreaming Big Living Simple because I wanted to help others who are in a similar situation; lost, overwhelmed, and desperate for some organization.

The name encompasses what I’m all about: big dreams and a simple life.

My focuses are on student life and budgeting, but I have a few other topics I’m passionate about and want to expand on. My focuses are:

  • Student Life. Everything to do with being a college student, from the beginnings of picking your school to the day-to-day organization of your home (or dorm), assignments, studying, and all the other fun stuff.
  • Budgeting. The nitty-gritty of life: money. You have it, you need to take control of it and manage it. I can help you do that with proven techniques that are easy to implement.
  • Food. My recipes focus on simple ingredients, easy procedures, and delicious results. Each one comes with an approximate cost for the budget-conscious, and a printable recipe card if you love it!
  • Wellness. Being a student, or a young adult in general, comes with a huge amount of stress. It’s easy to let our health, both physical and mental, fall to the side. Don’t let it.
  • Pets. If I had to pick one passion, it would be animals. They say pets are the new kids, and I want to help you give your furbaby the best possible life.
  • Printables. Who doesn’t want freebies?! Everything that includes a free printable, all in one place!

Don’t forget: we’re a community.

This is a community, and I want you to interact with it! There are a number of ways you can do so.

You can join the Dreamers Living Simply Facebook Group! That’s right, DBLS has our own Facebook group! It’s the place for all of us dreamers to support each other and help one another reach our goals. I’m there, too, to work one on one with you!

Another way is to join the email list. Get tons of exclusive freebies, lists, and tips to help you organize your life.

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